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I Want One Of These: iPWN! iPad 2 Case

It looks like a Gameboy, but look a bit closer. This Gameboy protects your iPad, and therefore is the coolest thing we've seen in a long time. Find out more after the jump.

iPWN! case for iPad
iPWN! case for iPad
iPWN! case for iPad - It looks like a Gameboy, but look closer...

Like Gameboys? Like your iPad? Then like us you’re probably going to love this. One-man company Lootiful have come up with these rather awesome-looking, Gameboy-A-Like iPad cases (they also do iPhone ones too) and they don’t half look good. Unlike the cheap silicone Gameboy-style cases you can buy elsewhere, these are hardhsell cases ensuring that your iOS device stays as pristine as the day you bought it.

There’s not too many details out about the iPad version of the iPWN! cases yet, save to say that they’re coming soon. But if the iPhone iterations are anything to go by, it looks like these are well worth the money. They’re only a few millimetres thick (saving your pocket and your favourite jeans from the dreaded ‘bulky iPhone’ syndrome), they’re built from hard but light polycarbonate material, they’re water resistant and specially coated to protect colours from fading. These cases really do tick every iPad owners case wishlist.

Again, details are scarce as far as pricing is concerned, but a mere $18 gets you an iPWN! case for iPhone so we can’t see the iPad ones breaking the bank either. Either way, it’s an iPad case that looks like a Gameboy! There is nothing cooler. Ever.