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I Want One Of These: Griffin Stompbox

Griffin's latest iPad accessory might see guitarists ditching their amps and effects and taking their iPads to the stage.

Griffin StompBox

You might not know this but we’re actually quite musical folk here at iCreate HQ. So when Griffin announced their rather impressive-looking Stombox for iPad there was most definitely a ripple of excitement here, and if you’ve ever used your guitar with your favourite iOS device, then it’ll probably stretch to you too.

Griffin StompBox
Griffin StompBox - rockin' all over!

The Stompbox pretty much does what it says on the tin. Hook it, and your guitar, up to your iPad, and use it to control stompboxes and expression pedals in iShred Live, a guitar effects app. The alternative is taking your hands away from your instrument and fiddling with your iPad’s touchscreen to tweak your sounds, and you don’t really want to stop playing, do you?

Griffin haven’t skimped off on the build quality by the looks of things either, from the pictures we’ve seen the pedals look pretty sturdy and the whole thing connects to your iPad via a metre-long heavy duty dock cable. The Stompbox also includes a 1/4″ jack input for your favourite expresson or volume pedal allowing for the ultimate in sound sculpting. It’s an impressive set of features that looks like it might stand up well in a live environment under some of the more heavy-footed guitarists out there.

We’ve got just one reservation though, you still need to connect your guitar with Griffin’s GuitarConnect cable. It comes free with the Stompbox but we can’t help but feel the designers have missed a trick by not including another jack input on the unit itself and routing it all through the dock connector.

That said, the Stompbox certainly looks like it could be a lot of fun, and combined with Griffin’s Mic Stand Mount could see a few guitarists ditching their stacks in favour of their iPads.