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I Want One Of These: Gear4 Angry Birds Dock

Is it a bird? Is it a dock? Well, errm, it's actually both in the form of Gear4 and Rovio's latest collab - the Angry Birds dock.

Gear4 Angry Birds Dock

Gear4 Angry Birds Dock
Gear4 Angry Birds Dock - It certainly looks the part

In case you haven’t noticed, here at iCreate we have a bit of a thing for speaker docks that might just look like something else. We’re a huge fan of novelty items…so long as they’re done well. That’s why we reckon Gear4 could be on to a winner with their latest Angry Birds collab. It’s not the first time the accessories and speaker dock company have teamed up with Angry Birds creators Rovio to create something cool for everyone’s favourite iOS game, they’ve already had a bit of a hit with their range of Angry Birds themed cases, but these docks really do look awesome.

There’s three in the range – black bird, helmet bird and red bird, and they all look like they’ve been ripped straight out of the game. Gear4 clearly haven’t skimped off when it comes to aesthetics here, right down to the crate-like iPad/iPod docks for the speakers that don’t have them built-in. We could easily see these gracing a kitchen side or a bedside table and creating a real conversation starter for anyone who happens to see them.

Gear4 Angry Birds Dock
We didn't post a picture of the Black Bird in case it exploded...

One of the best features of these docks though, is their pricing. Ranging from £49-69 they’re hardly breaking the bank and would make for an ideal birthday or christmas gift for the die-hard Angry Birds fan whether young or young at heart. As well as being able to dock your iPod, iPhone or iPad the docks include a standard 3.5mm jack input for use with laptops or other music players. We’d have liked to have seen a remote included, but when you’ve got a dock that looks like an Angry Bird, it’s not really a problem getting up close and personal to change tracks.

Edit: Our friends at Gear4 have let us know that there is in fact a remote included with the docks, making it even easier to change tracks.

We can’t really comment on the all-important issue of sound quality at this stage, but wee’ll hopefully getting one of these in soon to put through its paces. Keep checking back for a full review coming soon.