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I Want One of These: Fork and Cream Sauce

Now there's a blog post title we never thought we'd write...

Cables are never the right length. Whether it’s because they’re just too short to reach from the plug to the sofa, or whether they’re so long that you end up tripping over the excess or snagging it with your clothes when they’re trailing across your desk. How many times have you plugged in one of your devices and thought that the cable was just the right length? My bet is never. And that’s where the Fork and Cream Sauce comes in.

The cable-tidy that looks like a fork is finally here. At last!

It is, at its most basic level, a cable tidy, which sits on your desk and allows you to coil up your excess wiring and stop your arm catching it as you move, pulling your iPhone off your desk. However, what makes this cable tidy unique is its lovely design.

Don’t wrap your cable this tightly every day, or the cable may be damaged…

Yes, it looks like a fork in a pool of cream sauce with spaghetti wrapped around it, and if you don’t think that would look good on your desk then you’re just plain wrong. Cable tidies are ugly things that sit on or under your desk and keep things tidy, but this right here is a talking point. And now, when you plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac you won’t need to leave 45cm of unneeded cabling coiled across your keyboard and mouse on its way to the back of your Mac.

Apple’s white iOS device cable looks fantastic with the design – it’s like real, electrical spaghetti

Even better, every purchase of a Fork and Cream Sauce means a donation is made to the Save The Children charity to feed one child. So even if you aren’t crazy about the design, buying one of these beauties will still make a big difference to someone’s life.