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I Want One of These: Crayola ColourStudio HD

If you have kids, you will definitely want to check this. And if you don't you'll probably want it anyway.

This one has brought out the child in me. It’s basically an App and Giant Crayon combination that allows children (and adults, when the kids have gone to bed) to colour interactive pictures on the iPad. It looks like a wonderful extension to the standard colouring book, with an added twist – the pictures are animated.

You can shake the iPad and things in the picture will be shaken, causing things to fall down and reveal new areas to colour. And in the  picture above, the Shark is constantly swimming across the screen, adding a challenge to people who want to colour a moving object.

In the demo there are only two pictures – one of them involves this monster hiding under a lampshade

The best thing about this App is that Crayola and Griffin haven’t just made it a simple colouring job – they’ve actually thought about who will be using it. A setting is automatically on which stops you… I mean your kids… from colouring outside the line of the moving objects. If you have younger kids you can turn it on for all objects too, turning it off as they get older and more careful with their pens. It means great pictures can be created by both the young and old (I for one will need the option turned on – I’ve never been great at colouring in the lines).

After shaking the iPad, the monster’s lampshade disguise falls off.

There are also a whole range of options for the type of pen, pencil or crayon you use, each giving your picture a different ‘look’. Crayola and Griffin have also included a blank canvas for those who like to really express themselves, and games such as join the dots for those who want to do something different. You have the option to print your (kid’s) pictures via AirPrint or publish them to Facebook.

I genuinely can’t wait to try this app out. It looks excellently thought-out, and it seems like a lot of effort has been put into working out who will be using the app and what advantages can be gained from the iPad interface. Colour me excited.

Griffin Crayola ColourStudio HD will be available in Spring 2011 for £19.99. Many thanks to Pocket-Lint for the pictures.