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I Want One of These: Budwrap

Wrap and store your earphones easily with this intelligent design.

We can’t count the number of times that we’ve thrown our headphones into our bags, then spent five minutes finding, untangling and cleaning them before we could listen to our music. We’ve also heard all kinds of stories about people wrapping the headphone cable too tightly around their gadgets and ruining the connections. But now, thanks to to Budwrap this issue can be a thing of the past.

The Budwrap is a silicon bracelet that is similar to that worn by students around the world, but this has another function than just looking great. The band is designed to allow you to securely slot your headphones into the holster and wrap the cable around your risk, securing it back into the band when you reach the start again.

Wrap your headphones onto your wrist with this innovative new product

The design looks like it will work perfectly, and the best thing about the idea that we can see is that when you want to use your headphones again you can quickly unwind them from your wrist and use them immediately without worrying about untangling them. It’s great to see a clever design like this really taking off – its just one of the many Kickstarter projects that we’ve been happy to see brought to fruition, and we have to say, we really want one.

At the time of writing the Budwraps are available for pre-order through their Kickstarter page as the release is a few days away. If you back the project now with at least $15, you’ll get a bonus Red Budwrap, so help out the designer and get on over there!