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I Want One Of These: Bamboo Blackbox Cases

How often do you see an attractive looking hard case for your Apple gear? Not very often, is it? I didn't think so. That's what makes these Blackbox bamboo cases so great.

Blackbox Bamboo iPad 2 Case

Blackbox Bamboo iPad 2 Case
Blackbox Bamboo iPad 2 Case

Now, these might not really fit under the same “stuff that does awesome things” category as most of our ‘I Want One Of These’ series, but there’s no denying that whilst these bamboo hard cases can’t do a lot (well, apart from protecting your Apple gear), they don’t half look good whilst they’re doing it. If you’ve ever thought about buying into the world of hard cases to protect your beloved MacBook Pro or iPad 2, you’ll know how ugly some of them look, and really you can’t blame them. Hard Cases have to be…well…hard and generally speaking, hard materials don’t tend to look the prettiest. Fortunately for the more shallow Apple fans amongst us, the good people at Blackbox Cases have provided us with some eye candy.

Before we all get too carried away, it’s important to recognise that this is a Kickstarter project, so don’t expect next day delivery on one of these beautiful Bamboo beauties, you’ll have to wait until the funding closes to get your hands on one, but they certainly do like they’re well worth the money. Hand-made in America, these Bamboo cases are milled into shape and finished with a laser-cut leather strap to stop your laptop or tablet slipping out of the case and meeting its untimely (and undoubtedly unsightly end), and if that’s not reason enough to buy one, I suggest you take another look at the pictures.

Great quality doesn’t come cheap, and ranging $89 for an iPad 2 case to $129 for a 17″ MacBook Pro case, the Bamboo Blackbox cases certainly fit that mantra. But when a design is this nicely executed (almost like the Apple products they protect) then it’s absolutely forgivable that you might not be able to eat for a couple of weeks after you’ve bought one.

As an added bonus, if you head over to Blackbox’s Kickstarter page and pledge a fair few dollars (enough to bag you one of these lovely cases) and (okay, this is a long shot, but it could happen!) you happen to live Golden, Colorado, the nice guys at Blacbox will take you for a beer! Hurry though, the project closes doors for pledges next week…well, once you’ve had a look at a few more shots below…