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I Want One of These: Appgun

Turn your iPhone into a AR gun sight with Appgun. Yes, you did read that correctly.

So it looks like someone has realised that the camera on the iPhone has quite a lot of potential. Augmented reality is a pretty big deal at the moment, with quite a few developers starting to notice that with a great camera comes great app potential. In what I see as the most exciting use of AR yet, Apptoyz has found a way to attach a full-on gun peripheral to the iPhone, complete with little pointing digits that poke the screen when you squeeze the trigger. Oh-ho yes.


An alien shooting game will come with the device, which will add creatures to the world around you that you have to shoot at. It looks like it works pretty well, although I’d be a little concerned about a plastic finger pressing my screen to hard and breaking something. Still, I can see potential with this development.

If this can be done with an iPhone, there is theoretically a way to attach cameras to a visor and project enemies into the real world. While it’s still far away in terms of development, it’s pretty exciting. For now we’ll have to make do with a large gun attachment for our phones, but I think that will keep me going for a while at least.