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I Want One Of These: Adonit Writer for iPad

One of the most stylish solutions to typing on the iPad that we've seen yet...

Typing on the iPad is fine, but nobody I know is especially enthusiastic about doing it. The issue is not anything that Apple could solve, either, as it’s a simple case of needing some kind of physical feedback while pressing the keys. The touch screen manages well enough, but I personally wouldn’t give up our physical keyboards for it.

Having said that, we’ve tried out a few Keyboards for the iPad here at iCreate and none have really blown me away. The official keyboard works well, but in terms of portability it sucks, and while there are a few Bluetooth options around (including Apple’s own Wireless Keyboard), using them is either a painful experience or removes the portability factor that has made the iPad so popular.

So have a look at this one…

Adonit have created a Folio and Keyboard combination that manages to fold the whole thing up into a neat package while adding physical keys to your tablet, and it looks fantastic. The plus logo on the left of the keyboard is surrounded by a ring of LEDs which show you how close you are to needing to replace the batteries, and the design allows the keyboard to recognise when it should go to sleep and conserve the battery.

The Writer also features magnetic bands, which allow the keyboard to be placed in a number of positions depending on the situation in which you are using it. It also includes an easy-eject function so you can quickly remove your iPad from the casing and use it as normal.

The Writer isn’t yet available to buy, although you can sign up for an email notification for when it does become available here. There is an iPad 2 version in the works too, which should be available soon. Check out the future issues of iCreate and keep and eye out for a review of this beauty in the next few months.