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Hubbl review (Update: 17/6)

Discover a new social way to find apps with Hubbl.

Sifting through the thousands of apps that are present on the Play Store is a tiresome experience, but by using a social app discovery app, such as Hubbl, the process becomes a little easier. Hubbl acts as a discovery platform where you can find new apps through recommendations made by your friends and people all over the world.

Chances are, very few of your friends will currently be using Hubbl, so connecting the app to your Facebook and Twitter accounts may be worthwhile. When connected, you’ll find a stream of recommendations coming from your friends from which you can then download directly to your phone. If you aren’t interested in connecting your Hubbl account to your other social media accounts, then you can use the SkyView feature to see what other people all over the world have recommended. Although in principal this is a good idea, Hubbl struggles with its current lack of users, meaning that recommendations are few and far between.

There’s a library feature within the app that gathers every recommended app in to one section. It’s designed very similarly to the app drawer on an Android device, and works well as a way to display a large amount of apps on one screen. Another plus point to Hubbl is its blog-tracker, that creates recommendations of apps based on some of the most popular app-focused blogs, and then provides external links to the apps that have been mentioned.

Hubbl manages to pack a lot in to its tiny shell, but it doesn’t currently include the fan-base needed to propel it to a must have app.