HTML & CSS: Genius Guide to building better sites

Be inspired by pro sites and learn to build dynamic page elements


Making a website just isn’t possible without the aid of HTML to build it or CSS to inject some style.

In this new volume of HTML5 & CSS3 Genius Guide gather all the skills you need to build a truly impressive website, with help and advice from the experts.

What’s inside the Genius Guide?

20 HTML tools you need to know
– Get to grips with all the best features of HTML5 to boost user experience

Responsive design decoded
– Check out the exciting new features of Foundation 6 and how to build with the Motion UI

Be a jQuery code master
– Uncover the core techniques for the jQuery library, integration with ES6 and tips for easy use

25 pro plugins
– Discover the top add-ons recommended by the pros for developing your site

Available now from the Imagine Shop for just £12.99.