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How use the Media Browser in Pages for OS X

Finding photos, music and movies for your documents just got even easier thanks to Pages’ powerful Search facility

mainAs with any search you do on your Mac, the more information you offer the quicker you’ll find what you’re looking for, and the more appropriate the results will be. Pages’ new Search facility in the app’s Media Browser is no exception to that rule, and now when you search for a photo, song or movie you can select where the search engine looks. So for example, when looking for a photo you can have Search trawl through Faces to find a particular person, or by using ratings to filter results you can opt to only find images that carry five stars. Not only will the new feature save you time and effort, but it could also help you to better organise files at the back end of your workflow too.


step 1

1 Tidy up iPhoto

To get the most out Pages’ Search facility, spend a little time getting your iPhoto library into shape. Give your images Keywords and Ratings, and organise them into Faces and Places.

Step 2

2 Search the old way

Open a project in Pages and when you’re ready to add an image, hit the Media tab, select the Photos option and type in a keyword to locate an appropriate collection of frames.

Step 3

3 Search the new way

To speed up the time it takes to locate pictures you can now use Search’s drop-down menu to filter your selections. Choose from All, Faces, Places, Keywords or Rating.

Step 4

4 Star quality

Depending on the filter you choose, you may be able to narrow the search further. For example, when you search by Rating, you can also choose by how many stars.