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How to wrap text around photos in Pages [Tutorial]

Add personality, professionalism and pixel-perfect imagery to your documents

mainThe ability to pick up any image from Finder or the web and drop it into a Pages document is what makes the app unique. Your text will flow around the image automatically, and the temptation to spend a few seconds positioning it and then leave it is great. However, the margins between a good document and a great piece of work are small, and if you spend time exploring the formatting features available for images, you will be rewarded with an end result that will look far more professional.

We will guide you through each formatting tool on offer and also give advice on how best to utilise them. With some care and common sense, you will have everything you need to create documents that stand out both visually and textually.headerbar

step11 Manipulating images

Once you have imported an image, drag one of the corner handles on the image to resize and position it. Carefully monitor how the text automatically adjusts around it.

step22 Move with text

If you like the image placement but plan to add text, select Move with Text in the Format inspector’s Arrange tab to keep the text surrounding the image aligned with it.

step33 The mask size

Double-click the image to display the masking bar. Click the right icon and drag a handle to adjust the mask to the dimensions that you want the image to ultimately fill.

step44 Use the mask

Click the left icon to zoom in using the slider. The image will not overflow the mask, but the text will adjust if you increase the image size to fill the new mask size.

step55 Text arrangement

To change how the text surrounds the image, click the Arrange tab in the Format inspector and select Text Wrap. Experiment with the options to see which looks best.

step66 Spacing is important

The Spacing option under Arrange lets you define the exact spacing around images. This feature is crucial – use the smallest spacing possible for a professional effect.

step77 Surrounding shapes

The right-hand Text Fit icon surrounds non- rectangular images with text on every side, but you need to manage the spacing very carefully. Adjustments will be required.

step88 Instant Alpha

If you insert an image with white space around the subject, click Instant Alpha. Click the white background when prompted and text will automatically fill the white space.

step99 Protect your work

When you are happy with the image placement and surrounding text, click the lock icon in the Format inspector. No image changes can then be made until ‘unlock’ is clicked.

Click Image to Enlarge: