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How to work with Tab View in Safari – Mountain Lion Tutorial

Browsing multiple websites is easy using Mountain Lion’s new multi-touch features

Mountain Lion brings many new features to OS X on the Mac and there are some welcome additions and changes to Safari that make browsing easier, more convenient and enjoyable. From sharing webpages using Messages and Twitter (with Facebook integration to come), to iCloud syncing of tabs and the new Tab View. Here we are going to focus our attention on the new features that enable tabs to be created, browsed and selected.

Tabs are one of the most useful features of modern web browsers. When you are browsing websites and searching for information, instead of going back and forth between sites and pages, you can open them in a new tab. This makes them easier to return to if you need to refer to information on them and it enables you to open a group of pages, such as your favourite sites, and then to read them more easily.

The new Tab View can be accessed using a mouse and keyboard and there is a new icon at the far right of the tabs that displays all the pages you have open as large thumbnails. Tabs are even better when they are used with a Trackpad on a MacBook, or an iMac with a Magic Trackpad. Safari enables you to pinch and zoom webpages and this enters or leaves the tab viewer. You can swipe with two fingers to browse all the tabs that are open and it’s similar to the sort of action you would perform on an iPhone or iPad. Safari is very iOS-like in this Mountain Lion update.

1: Start Safari

When you are browsing the web and you want to open a new page without leaving the current one, right-click a link and select Open Link in New Tab.

2: Handy tab functions

When two or more tabs are open you can drag them left or right to rearrange their order, while right-clicking a tab displays a menu with useful functions.

3: Tabs on iOS

The iCloud button in the Safari toolbar shows the tabs that are open on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. They need to be running iOS 6 though.

4: Browse tabs

Click the button at the far right of the tabs and large tab thumbnails are displayed. Use the left and right arrow keys to slide the pages left and right.

5: Swipe to browse

If you use a MacBook or have a Magic Trackpad, you can browse the page thumbnails by swiping left and right with two fingers. It’s fast and easy.

6: Pinch and spread

When viewing a webpage just pinch on the Trackpad like you were zooming out of a photo and spread two fingers to zoom in to tabs and fill the window.

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