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How to

How to watch Netflix videos offline

Get Stranger Thing even when you’re nowhere near Wi-Fi

Possibly the most requested feature for Netflix has finally arrived. The streaming juggernaut has recently updated its mobile app so you can now download films and TV shows to your phone and watch them on your morning commute without burning through your data plan. Users of the rival Amazon Prime Instant Video service will point out they’ve had this feature for over a year now, but the update is big news for fans of Netflix exclusives like Stranger Things and House Of Cards.

To start downloading from Netflix, make sure your device up to date, as the app requires iOS 8.0/Android 4.4.2 or later. If you’re an Android user with expanded storage, keep in mind is that the content downloaded will be stored in the same location as the Netflix app, so if you want a series saved onto a SD card, then the app itself must be moved onto it first. It’s also worth noting not every show or film can be downloaded, likely due to licensing restrictions.


Find a show

SS menu

Once you’ve updated your Netflix mobile app, a new option will have appeared in your side-menu screen called ‘Available For Download’. This filters all of Netflix’s shows and movies to only display the ones that can be stored on your device. Alternatively, when glancing through all of Netflix’s content, a downward-facing arrow symbol will appear next to episodes that are available to download.


Download content

SS downloading

Unfortunately for all you binge-watchers out there, the app doesn’t have a ‘Download All’ option. So to store an entire series on your device, you will have to download each episode, individually, by tapping the download symbol. As the episodes download, a bar will appear at the bottom of the screen to display how much of the episode has downloaded and/or how many episodes you have queued to download.


Adjust settings

SS mobile data 2

The app’s default is to only download content over Wi-Fi. If you try to download an episode over mobile data, a warning will appear to tell you that it is restricted. Though this saves you the cost of using your data, you can change this in App Settings, which is at the bottom of your side-menu options. You can also set the video quality of your downloads, which can reduce the amount of phone storage that is required.


Watch an episode

SS Delete Netflix download

To watch the shows that you have saved to your device, select ‘My Downloads’ from the menu tab, here, every episode will be grouped by show. To play an episode, select one as you normally would when streaming. Once you’ve finished, you can delete downloads individually or by show by swiping left. Alternatively, a ‘Find More To Download’ button will redirect you back to the show’s main app entry so you can view more.

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