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How to view and clear your location data on iPhone

There is a lot of sensitivity around privacy these days, especially as more of our devices make better and more frequent use of GPS and location settings. The iPhone 5s comes with the cutting-edge A7 chip, which contains a coprocessor that monitors your movements throughout the day and uses that data to provide you with stats.

5s owners, as part of Location Services in the Settings app, have a section marked Frequent Locations, where your iPhone notes the places you regularly visit and marks them on a map – something you can view and we will cover in this tutorial. However, you may not want this to be so easily accessible, so let’s take a look at how to wipe your location history and make your movements a little more private.


step 1

1 Settings

This app is all about managing the core features of your iPhone, so open your Settings. Scroll down and select the Privacy option and you will see Location Services appear.

step 2

2 System Services

Tap the Location Services option and a list will appear that details all the apps that currently use GPS and Wi-Fi to establish your location. Scroll to the bottom of this list and tap System Services.

step 3

3 Frequent locations

This menu contains all the finer details of location data, and you can toggle the switches as you see fit. At the bottom of the list, though, you will see Frequent Locations. Tap it.

step 4

4 Location history

The screen you have now reached will show all your frequent locations, listed at the bottom of the screen. If you tap the arrow next to any item on the list you can see them plotted on a map.

step 5

5 Map

The map goes into real detail, letting you select any location to see how many times you have been there, and for how long. This is very handy should you ever need to retrace your steps.

step 6

6 Clear History?

Return to Frequent Locations and tap Clear History to wipe all this data. You can also tap the Frequent Locations switch to move it to the off position and prevent further data logging.

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