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How to use the S Health app on the Samsung Galaxy S4

The S Health app is one of the new apps included in the Galaxy S4 suite. Here's how to get started with it.

One of the biggest additions to the S4 suite of apps is S Health. As its name suggests, S Health is a handy tool that looks to provide you with various information and tracking software to help track your weight and exercise levels. The app outlines what your daily targets for weight loss should be and stores all the necessary data for later referencing. For those who are really serious about monitoring their weight, S Health also includes a range of charts, graphs and interactive data to help provide you with one of the most comprehensive health apps available to users.

  1. S Health1

    Input your information

    When you first open up the S Health app you’ll be required to input some basic details regarding your weight, height and exercise levels. This gives the app a starting point from which it can monitor your progress. Press Start once you’ve entered everything.

  2. S Health2

    Choose your path

    The side menu that now appears offers quick shortcuts to the various sections of the app. Depending on the type of exercise you want to take part in, select the Walking Mate or Exercise Mate option from the list provided.

  3. S Health3

    Monitor exercise levels

    Both the Waking Mate and Exercise Mate sections act as trackers on which you can see how long you’ve been exercising for and the amount of calories you’ve currently burned. Press the symbol on the bottom right of the screen to see a chart of your progress.

  4. S Health4

    Find your comfort levels

    Go back to the side menu and select the Comfort Level tab. This clever feature tracks temperature, humidity and the chance of rain to let you know the most suitable time for exercise. You can share this information via the icon at the top of the screen.

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