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How to use the People Finder in iMovie [Tutorial]

With no face detection tools at your disposal, you’ll love how the face People Finder filter lets you find people-themed clips

mainOne of the most popular subjects to shoot and edit is people, so you may have hours of people-themed video clips to wade through. As you’ll see from this tutorial, iMovie’s People Finder filter can help you display such shots fast.

iMovie’s image organising and editing cousin iPhoto has a useful face detection tool that enables you to tag photos according to who is in them, and then display images of those named individuals. Sadly iMovie is not as sophisticated, so you can’t search for clips containing a particular person. However, to help you narrow down your search you can set iMovie’s People Finder filter to display the people-themed clips according to shot size and amount of people in them, so if you need a group shot or a clip of a couple then you can find them more easily.headerbar

step11: Generate thumbnails

iMovie will look for any videos that you may have imported into iPhoto. Click Now to let iMovie generate thumbnails of these iPhoto clips.

step22: Display clips

In iMovie’s Event Library, click on the iPhoto Videos icon. iMovie will subsequently display the clips’ filmstrip thumbnails in the Event Browser.

step33: Scroll and search

You’ll need to scroll through the long list of clips to find shots of people. To speed up your search you can get iMovie to use face detection to tag clips.

step44: Choose an event

It can take hours for iMovie to analyse all the clips in a large iPhoto Library, so we’ll try the face finder technique on a smaller collection of clips first.

step55: Analyse clips

Click on an event. Go to File>Analyze>People. iMovie will then hunt through your Event Library’s clips to search for any footage containing people.

step66: Tagged clips

Once the People Finder tool has analysed the clips, sections of clips containing people will have a purple horizontal bar running through them.

step77: Quick search

To quickly find the sections of a clip containing people, click the face-shaped icon below the Event Browser. Clips with a purple bar will be displayed.

step88: Fine-tune filter

To fine-tune your search, click on the Show Keyword Filtering pane icon (the magnifying glass). Click a keyword’s green button to display matching clips.

step99: Storyboard

This keyword filtering option works in conjunction with a Trailer project’s Storyboard. Click on Wide and you’ll see wide shots of people in the Event Browser.

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