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How to use Keynote’s Magic Move for amazing animations on iPad

Animate your slides easily with the Magic Move tool in Keynote for iOS

MainKeynote is absolutely brilliant when it comes to animations and transitions between slides. Whatever the style of your presentation, there’s bound to be at least one transition that fits the mood and can add a touch of excitement to your project.

Magic Move takes these animations to the next level, making it easy for you to transition between slides smoothly, but maintain images and text between the two. Resizing and moving images with the Magic Move feature activated will create an automatic animation when you click to progress. It makes animating your slides even easier, and the results can look fantastic. Here we show you how to take complete control in nine straightforward steps.


Step 1

1 Create a slide

The first thing you need to create a Magic Move animation is a slide. Add text and images, at least one of which you want to keep on-screen for the next slide.

Step 2

2 Open the menu

Tap on the slide you’re currently editing to see the menu appear. Tap the Transition option on the far right of the menu, then chose the Magic Move option at the top of the list.

Step 3

3 Duplicate the slide

You’ll be prompted to choose whether or not you wish to duplicate the slide. Select Yes to make your job easier – it will create a new version of the slide right after the first.

Step 4

4 Move your objects

Move and resize the objects you want to be maintained between the two slides. Set the starting position on the first slide and the end position on the second for best results.

Step 5

5 Opacity, rotation and more

You can also change the opacity and rotation of your images and text. Twist with two fingers to rotate, and use the Style Options section of the Format panel to adjust opacity.

Step 6

6 Work on both slides

Remember that you need to edit both slides for the results you want. On your first slide, position an object at the centre, then on the second, shrink it and add text below.

Step 7

7 Transition options

Tap the slide again, and choose Transition. Tap the Options button at the bottom and use the slider to adjust the duration of the transition, and when it will start.

Step 8

8 You’re done

The objects on your slide that are set up to use a Magic Move transition will be labelled with a small star icon. When you’re happy with your settings, tap Done in the top-right.

Step 9

9 Test it out

You can tap play with your first slide selected to get a preview of how your transition will play out. If you’re not happy with the results you can always make changes.

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