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How to use FileSilo

Access your free Linux User & Developer content from any device


Picked up a copy of our latest issue? If you’re wondering where the DVD went then don’t worry – we’ve launched a brand new content hub to replace it this month that hosts everything that used to be on the disc and more: All your free content is now even easier than ever to access – and if you’re one of our digital readers then you can now access it for the first time.

FileSilo packageEverything is broken down with categories and tags, you can share and recommend your favourite content, and the commenting system means that you can discuss the content right on the page (and ask us any questions you might have about it!). You can also flag up favourite downloads inside your account, so you’ll never have to go rifling through scores of DVD wallets to try and remember which one contains those scripts you need to use.

How does it work?

Going back to the glory days of gaming, do you remember looking up word x on line y of page z in your games’ instruction manuals? It’s a little like that (though you won’t, unfortunately, need a Dial-A-Pirate wheel). To unlock the all the free content that comes with your issue of Linux User & Developer, you just have head to its URL (see the pages at the back of your magazine) and then answer the question that pops up, which will be something like “Which piece of software won the group test on page 78?”.

Once you’re inside, you’ll see all the content for your particular issue, as well as charts on the side that let you know what the most popular content is for that issue (in case you’re curious). Next time you log into your account, from any device, it will all be there waiting for you.

How do I sign up?

  1. FileSilo unlockedHead to FileSilo and click Linux User & Developer (listed to the right of the page).
  2. Click the green Register button that’s at the top-right of the page.
  3. If you are a subscriber, enter your Web ID into the Subscriber ID box – your Web ID is the eight-digit alphanumeric code printed just above your address on the mailing label of your subscription copies and on your renewal letters. (This will unlock the content for every issue of the magazine.)
  4. Once you’ve registered, click the Log In button at the top-right and enter your details.
  5. Scroll down to Available Issues. Everything you’ve unlocked will have a green, open padlock over it; issues that are still locked will have a red, locked padlock.
  6. Click on a locked issue and answer the question when prompted – you’ll need your print or digital copy of the magazine to refer to for this!
  7. Once you’ve unlocked an issue, you can access its content anywhere, anytime by simply logging in to FileSilo again.