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How to use Bluetooth

New to Android? Then you'll probably need some guidance to help you set-up and use the Bluetooth feature in your device. Follow this tutorial to find out more!

Sharing images, videos and other files has become notoriously easy. Platforms such as Flickr, Youtube and Vimeo have made sharing files a whole lot easier. If you’re looking for a personal way of sharing your files, however, then you may consider using the in-built Bluetooth function on your Android device.

Bluetooth has been around for a number of years, even before smartphones, and was one of the original ways of sharing files with friends and families. The technology is quite simple, and all you need is a friend with a Bluetooth enabled device with their Bluetooth pass code, and enough internal storage for the file you want to send to them.

Although the process of sharing and sending your files through Bluetooth is pretty simple, setting it up takes a few steps to get it correctly working without any issues. Follow this tutorial to get the lowdown on how to correctly set up your Bluetooth connection, as well as a quick look at how you can share your files through it.

  1. Access your settings

    While on your Android device’s homescreen, press the Options button on your phone. From the menu that appears, open the Settings tab in the bottom right corner. Finally, press the Wireless & Networks tab on your list of settings from the next screen.

  1. Finding the Bluetooth settings

    Open the page named Bluetooth Settings. This menu will list a variety of different settings that you can change and customise to improve your experience, while using the Bluetooth function on your device. Turn Bluetooth on with the option provided.

  1. Give your device a nickname

    Halfway down the screen you’ll find the option to give your device a nickname. Once pressed your keyboard will appear and you can type a name. Your device nickname will be what others see when they scan for devices when using Bluetooth.

  1. Discoverable device

    You’ll also find another option named Discoverable within the Bluetooth settings. Ticking this box will make your device discoverable by other devices currently scanning through Bluetooth in your area.

  1. Checking paired devices

    At the bottom of the Bluetooth settings screen is a list of devices you’re already paired with. If you’ve just started, you’ll have no paired devices.

  1. Scan for devices

    To start the pairing process, you need to first scan for devices with Bluetooth enabled in your area. The process can take up to 5 minutes, depending on how many Bluetooth enabled devices are currently active in your area.

  1. Pair with a new device

    Once you’ve found the device you’re looking to share a file with, press on their nickname. This will now open a box in which you need to enter the Bluetooth passcode for your device to continue. The default passcodes are ‘0000’ and ‘1234’.

  1. Choosing a file to send

    Now that you’ve paired with the device you want to send a file to; you can now choose the file you want to send. Generally, the bigger the file is, the longer it will take to send. In turn, sending audio and video files take a lot longer than images to send.

  1. Sharing a file

    Once you’ve settled on the item you want to share, simply open it up and press the Options button on your phone. Now press the Share button and then the Bluetooth option. This will then ask you to connect to one of your paired devices.

  1. Did it work?

    After the process is complete, a small box will appear confirming it was sent. You may also want to check the device you sent the item to, to make sure it arrived there without any issues. If you had any problems, simply repeat the previous steps.

  1. Turn it off

    Keeping your Bluetooth connection on can lead to you getting a lot of unwanted pairing requests, so turn it off once you’ve finished. Access your settings and simply uncheck the Bluetooth box. It’ll take a few seconds to complete.

  1. ‘Unpair’ a paired device

    If you fancy removing one of the paired devices you’ve been sending files to, simply access the Bluetooth Settings and long press on the device in question. Press the Unpair button to remove them from your list.

  1. Final checks

    The best way to make sure your Bluetooth is switched off, and thus saving you some vital battery power, navigate back to the homescreen of your device and check to see if the Bluetooth icon is present on the top of the screen. If it has disappeared, you’ve successfully turned your Bluetooth off.