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How to use an alternate Android launcher

Give your phone the ultimate facelift by installing an alternate launcher. Here's how to do it.

Nova Launcher Logo

There’s a great selection of alternate launchers available for your Android device. One of the most popular, and the one chosen for this tutorial is Nova. This launcher allows users to fully customisable the look, design of their device’s screens, while also enhancing the functionality of it. Aft first it can be quite daunting to get with it, as the host of options available for users is incredibly vast, but once you get to grips with it, you’ll have a launcher you can be proud of. Here’s how to get started with it.

  1. Free or paid?

    There are two versions of the Nova Launcher app on the Play Store. The paid one unlocks all the features available, but offers minimal changes from what’s available within the free version. Choose your preferred one and install it on to your device.

  2. Access Nova Settings

    With the launcher downloaded, access the Nova Settings menu through the icon that has been placed on your homescreen. Here you can change every aspect of your replacement launcher, as well as check for any updates for it. The main menu where you’ll want to edit your homescreen is the Look and Feel sub-menu.

  3. Start customising

    Within the Look and Feel sub-menu you’ll be able to change the visual effects of your desktop, app drawer and dock. A lot of the changes are subtle, but will ultimately enhance your device. Whereas adding one of the listed animations will make your device stand out from the crowd.

  4. The end result

    Go through the rest of the menus to customise the launcher even further, and even add gestures to your device if you downloaded the paid version of the launcher. Once you’ve finished back out of the settings and check out the finished product. Go back to the settings menu if you want to make any changes.