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How to track contacts with LINE HERE

Learn how to set up and use LINE HERE to track where contacts are and let them track you

Track your contacts with LINE HERE

Organising a meeting with your friends and family became a whole lot easier with the advent of smartphones, but LINE HERE wants to make it even simpler. It lets you share your location with your contacts so that you can see where everyone is. It’s an opt-in service and you only share your location with people you choose to. It’s useful for keeping track of your kids as well and it doesn’t take much time to get it set up on your phone. You won’t need any special skills or knowledge, but you will need either a Facebook or LINE account to get it up and running. We’ll also show you how to use the timer function to only show where you are for a limited time. The app is free to download from the Google Play store and there are no hidden charges or IAPs.


First up, head to the Google Play store on your phone and download the LINE HERE app. It’s a small install so it shouldn’t take too long. Once it’s downloaded, open it. Here you’ll be asked to sign in to one of two different accounts to get started.


If you’ve got the standard LINE app installed then it’s worth signing in with your LINE account to share your data across. If not, sign up with Facebook where you’ll need to verify your sign in. The app won’t post to your account.


Now you’re in, you’ll need to select an avatar for yourself. You can choose your Facebook profile picture or one of the ones the app offers. Accept the terms and policies and then tap Next to get to the main screen.

Track your  contacts with LINE HERE

The main page will show you where you are. There are a few tutorial steps the app walks you through and it’s a good idea to pay attention to them. When they’re done, tap on the plus button. This is where you can add and find your friends.


There are many ways to add your contacts depending on what’s on your phone. If you’ve got friends using the LINE app then you can add them easily or you can also use WhatsApp contacts. Alternatively, send a text to invite people.


If you want to set a timer, tap the clock that appears near your location and then set how long you’d like to display your location. To turn off the service, tap the down arrow button on the main screen and then tap on the toggle button.