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How to sync Chrome to your Android phone

Use the cloud features in Chrome to share your web pages and bookmarks between your PC and Android phone or tablet. This tutorial shows you how.

We’ve all been there – sat at a computer engrossed in a long web browsing when suddenly you have to go out. It’s always a wrench to finally tear yourself away, wishing that you really didn’t have to. It’s quite silly, of course, because in most cases the same content will still be there later on. While that knowledge doesn’t do much to quell the urgency, thanks to Google Chrome for desktop and Android devices this no longer needs to be a problem.

Once an account is setup, syncing can occur between desktop and mobile devices, enabling you to carry on with your browsing session wherever you are. This system also manages the syncing of bookmarks between desktop and mobile browsers, so you’ll never be caught without access to your favourite websites again.

  1. Signed in

    For the synchronization process to work, you will need to be signed into your usual Google account on both your desktop and your mobile Chrome browsers. From the menu, click Settings and tap Sign in to Chrome, where you should add your username and password.

  2. Configure services

    Once signed in, you will need to instruct Chrome what information to share between your desktop and your mobile. Under Services, ensure that Sync is set to On, and select Chrome to Mobile, which will send your recent webpages from your desktop to Android.

  3. Opening synced bookmarks

    Along with syncing your recent pages in Chrome, your favourite bookmarks will also be available in Android. These can be accessed by opening the menu and selecting Bookmarks. Your favourite webpages can be browsed in folders and tapped to load them up instantly.

  4. Find bookmarks

    Depending on how your bookmarks are arranged in the desktop version of Chrome, you’ll see different results when you tap the Favourites button (a dark grey star). Folders will be named as per your desktop browser, so check this to find what you’re looking for.

  5. Sync recent webpages

    You can check what has been recently viewed on your desktop computer using your Android phone. The Other devices option in the menu displays a list of websites based on your desktop Chrome tabs, as well as indicating when the sync took place.

  6. Reading on Android

    Note that there may be some difference between the webpage as viewed on your phone and on your PC. To overcome this, use the Chrome app’s Request desktop site option, which will present the page as viewed on a desktop rather than the mobile version.