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How to share your iPhoto images on Flickr

Find out how to publish images to Flickr from iPhoto in nine simple steps

What is the point of taking stunning snaps if you’re not going to share them with anyone? They deserve more than to be locked away in your iPhoto library, never to see the light of day again. One of the easiest and widest-reaching routes is publishing the pictures straight from your iPhoto library to Flickr. It’s not as scary as it sounds either. You don’t have to let the whole world see your photos, because you can set limits on who sees the images – such as friends, friends and family, everyone etc – and also what size images they will see.

Main image 1_web
So if you’re worried about people stealing your shots you have the option to simply publish a low-resolution, web-appropriate size file. Follow our tutorial below to discover how you can do it too.

Step-by-step: Publish your pictures to Flickr


1 Decisions, decisions

Start with one of your favourite frames. It’s a good idea to inspect it closely in Edit to make sure you’re happy with it. Then with the chosen image highlighted go to iPhoto’s Preferences.

Step 1_web

2 Let’s begin

Now you’ll need to click on the Accounts tab. Click the Add button (represented by the ‘+’ icon) in the lower-left corner of the pane. Choose Flickr and hit Add to accept.

Step 2_web

3 Sign me up

Next you’ll need a Yahoo ID, so your internet browser will pop open for you to fill in the information to create the ID. Afterwards, Flickr will open; you just need to register with this ID.

Step 3_web

4 Setting up

At this point iPhoto should reappear and ask you if you want iPhoto to link with your Flickr account. Choose Set Up to continue. Head back to the internet browser for the next step.

Step 4_web

5 Authorisation

Flickr will now want to make sure you are happy to authorise the connection; choose the Next button. On the next page hit ‘OK, I’ll Authorize it’ to reconfirm your choice.

Step 5_web

6 Ready to share

Travel back to iPhoto and, in the Accounts pane, your Flickr account is now included. Now when you select an image and choose to share it, the Flickr icon will also appear.

Step 6_web

7 Start sharing

Select Flickr in the Share pane and choose New Set (later you can add images to existing sets). Give the set a name and choose who you want to share it with, and at what file size.

Step 7_web

8 Follow the arrow

At the top of the window you’ll see the set’s name positioned between the Flickr icon and an arrow. Once your frames have uploaded, click on this arrow to go to your Flickr account.

Step 8_web

9 The fun of Flickr

Now’s the time to personalise your pictures! Use the caption box to tell your viewers what the image shows and use the available options to add dates, rotate frames, edit pictures and more.

Step 9_web

In-depth: Working with Flickr

Click the image to view it full size