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How to share photos on iPhone & iPad with Beaming in iPhoto

Sharing your favourite photos between iPhones and iPads has never been easier thanks to the in-built Beam feature

MainThe digital age in which we live exposes us to countless images on a daily basis. Whether it’s a picturesque landscape of a land far away or the latest in a long string of selfies, sharing photos with friends – and even strangers – is a way of life for many. As if social media, email and online-storage services didn’t make it simple enough, Apple has made the process of sharing pictures even more straightforward.

It is now possible to instantly share images with other iOS devices using iPhoto. As long as both devices have the iPhoto app open and they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or via Bluetooth, photos can be shared in a flash. Don’t just take our word for it, though – follow these six simple steps and see for yourself.


Step 1

1 Wireless Beaming

Before you can do anything, Wireless Beaming must be turned on. Press on the three-dots icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and make sure the slider is turned on.

Step 2

2 Choose photos

Select a photo you would like to share by tapping on its thumbnail, and then press the share icon. Press the Beam option, shown on the second line here.

Step 3

3 Confirm which photos

Now you have the choice to beam only the selected photo, all of your photos or press on the Choose Photos option to manually select. You can choose up to 1,000 photos at a time.

Step 4

4 Beam the photos

Once you have chosen all of the photos you want to share, press the Beam button at the bottom of the menu’s window. The other iOS device must have iPhoto open for it to be found.

Step 5

5 On its way

As soon as you press Beam, you will see this message, telling you that the photo is being sent to the other device. You won’t be required to wait very long at all.

Step 6

6 Beaming completed

The other iOS device will receive a message asking whether or not it should accept. Press Yes and you will see this message on your iPad, confirming it has been successful.

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