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How to share mobile data in iOS by tethering a Wi-Fi hotspot

No 3G on your iPad? No worries – you can tether to your iPhone and use its data on the go


Settings app
MainHow many times have you desperately looked around for a Wi-Fi connection and been completely scuppered in your quest? Although Wi-Fi is brilliant for devices such as the iPad, many of which are sold without mobile connections, being without a connection can be a real pain. Except, that is, when you have your iPhone to hand.

It is possible to tether your iPhone to your iPad so that you can use the larger screen when away from a trusted Wi-Fi connection. The service is built into iOS 7 so you don’t need to chase around the App Store looking for the right program to use. Connecting your two devices is perfect when you’re at the beach this summer – and you can even let others connect to your iPhone and share its data too. Just don’t get sand in your devices…

Set up a Personal Hotspot on iPhone

1 Personal Hotspot

Turn on the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone by going to the Settings app and selecting Personal Hotspot. This will take you to a page with a Wi-Fi Password. Note this down.

Step 1_Web

2 Turn it on

Now toggle the slider to green to turn the Personal Hotspot on. What you have done is effectively created your own Wi-Fi hub. Grab your iPad and we’ll go about connecting.

Step 2_Web

3 Open Settings

On your iPad, open the Settings app and select the Wi-Fi option from the left-hand menu. You should see your iPhone in the section under Choose A Network. Simply tap on it.

Step 3_Web

4 Enter a password

You need to enter a password. The password needs to match the one that was displayed on your iPhone in the very first step of this tutorial. Once it is inputted, tap Join.

Step 4_Web

5 Connection made

Your iPhone will show up in the top list with a tick next to it telling you there is a connection. You can now surf the web on your iPad and use internet-connected apps.

Step 5_Web

6 Your iPhone

Your iPhone will display a blue band at the top of the screen. This will tell you that you have an iPad connection and that the handset is being used as a personal hotspot.

Step 6_Web

In detail: Managing your Personal Hotspot

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