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How to share iPad music through SoundCloud in GarageBand

Share your GarageBand creations with anyone in the world from your iPad

mainWhen it comes to music creation, there are few better apps than GarageBand on iPad. With a range of fantastic digital instruments that you can strum or tap to your heart’s content, there is also a range of Smart Instruments that play small riffs or melodies based on the chords you tap. When you’ve created your finished project, with up to 32 tracks of instruments included at once, you can then share your creation to a range of services, including the popular site SoundCloud.

This brilliant option enables people to listen to your work from anywhere with just a single tap or click on the play button. It’s the perfect way to get your music heard by a wider audience. Here’s how to do it in four simple steps.


step 1

1 Select the song

First, navigate to the My Songs section of the app and hit Select at the top-right. All the songs will start to wiggle; tap the one you want to share so that it is highlighted in blue.

step 2

2 Share

Tap the Share button at the top-left of the screen. The second row holds your four online sharing options, but we want SoundCloud, so tap its orange and white icon.

step 3

3 Log in

You’ll need to log in with either Facebook or a SoundCloud account to continue. It’s free to sign up to SoundCloud, so you can create an account via a web browser if you don’t have one.

step 4

4 Send to the cloud

A menu will appear with different options; select the ones you want and then hit Share at the top-right to add it to your SoundCloud page for other people to enjoy.