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How to share a Photo Stream with iPhoto on Mac

How to create a Shared Photo Stream with your friends and family with iPhoto on OS X Mavericks

mainThe whole point of taking a picture in the first place is so that it can be shared with other people. Fortunately, iPhoto has a fantastic way of sharing your images; it’s called Photo Stream and it enables you to choose which images you share and with whom.

This interactive conduit also enables the people who you share your images with – known as your subscribers – to add comments, as long as they’re viewing your pictures on a compatible device. Not only does this mean that you can reminisce and converse with selected friends and family, it also opens up the door for you to share images with those who have a photographic eye as they can supply constructive feedback, depending on who you invite to share your collection with.


Step 1

1 Decisions, decisions

Spend a few minutes browsing through your collection to decide which images you would like to share. Hold down the Command key and click on all the pictures you want to include.

Step 2

2 Three ways to share

To create a Photo Stream, head to Share>iCloud, use the Share option at the bottom of the interface and select the iCloud icon, or drag the images to the iCloud folder on the Source List.

Step 3

3 Old or new

iPhoto offers you the choice of adding the images to a pre-existing Photo Stream or to create a new Photo Stream. For this tutorial we are going to create a new Photo Stream.

Step 4

4 Get your details

Enter the email addresses of the people you want to share with, give it a title and add an introductory comment. You can let your invitees post comments by ticking the relevant box.

Step 5

5 Ready for more

After a while you may want to add new images to this stream. Simply find the pictures, hit Share, choose iCloud and pick which Photo Stream you want to add them to.

Step 6

6 More to say

If you want to leave a comment for your invitees to read, click on the little speech bubble shown at the bottom-right corner of the picture, in the relevant Photo Stream and chat away.

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