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How to save any file as a PDF – OS X Mountain Lion Tutorial

How to use any app’s Print options to save PDFs to your Mac for printing later

The breadth of things that you can do on a Mac grows literally every day, with software updates, new apps and new websites being created.
Subsequently, you could, at any time, wish to save a file you are working on, looking at or about to complete a transaction with. Luckily OS X, and every app that has been written for it, has been done so using a set of simple ground rules.

These ground rules are set by Apple and mean that each piece of software will do a certain amount of the same things, using the same file systems and resulting in the same thing. In this case we’re talking about the ability to save a PDF file from a Print window. You can print from practically any app, and with this great ground rule, each and every one of those apps with a Print menu has a PDF saving option. Once you know how the process works, you’ll keep coming back for more.

1: Reach for the files

In this example we are using Pages but you can use almost any app. Head to the File menu and select Print. You can also use the Ctrl+P shortcut.

2: Hidden away

Tucked away in the bottom-corner of the Print dialog window is a PDF menu. Here you can select to Save the PDF in a location. Click Save as PDF.

3: Place it

You can now select a name and a home for the PDF you want to save before hitting the Save button in the bottom-right corner.

4: That’s not all…

You can even save yourself some time using this option and send the PDF directly to Mail so you can email to a friend, colleague or family member.

Click Image to Enlarge: