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How to save and share View Only Keynotes

Learn how to share a presentation that your recipients can’t change

We’ve all been there – you’ve spent hours creating a beautiful, enchanting presentation then shared it with someone who has either purposefully, or by accident, undone everything that made it so special. Thanks to the wise folk at Apple HQ, the latest edition of Keynote (6.2) now lets presentation creators hold all the power; essentially allowing you to decide whether to deliver the show as a closed or open project.

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This means that after you finish generating a package you can now share it with one of two different permission options. The first grants the recipient permission to make changes to your creation (Allow Editing), whereas the second makes any tweaking impossible (View Only). In this tutorial we’ll show you how to share, but it’s up to you how much.

Step-by-step: Share View Only presentations


1 Ready to share

Once you’ve perfected your Keynote presentation, it’s time to share it. Head up to the Share icon and from the list of three options, choose the second one: View Share Settings.

Step 1_web

2 View Only

A pop-up box will ask you about Permissions. From the drop-down select View Only instead of Allow Editing. This will mean your recipient will only be able to watch, not edit the show.

Step 2_web

3 Add a password

If your Keynote includes confidential material, it’s a good idea to encrypt it. Choose Add Password before sharing, then type in the details. Just remember to let your recipient know.

Step 3_web

4 Send and share

To finish the process hit the Send Link button. You can share the presentation via Email, Messages, Twitter or Facebook. Simply select the desired option from the list.

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