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Final Cut Pro X: How to optimise your film for YouTube

Prepare your clip for YouTube uploading in Final Cut Pro X for Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Pixelated, distorted videos are a thing of the past thanks to modern technology. Applications like Final Cut Pro X and iMovie have revolutionised the movie industry – a decade ago you would have needed a raft of expensive equipment to make a short film, but these days you only need a computer and a decent video or digital camera. Most new cameras have HD capabilities, which can mean that video projects can become inflated in size, resulting in problems sharing them with other people digitally or physically. Want to share your creation with the world? Final Cut Pro X has a few tools to help reduce the size of your project so you can easily share it on both the web or on DVD – without sacrificing any of the original quality. Get comfy, fire up Final Cut Pro X and turn your home movie into the next online sensation.

1: Get started

From Final Cut Pro’s Project Library, double-click a project to open it. If the Project Library isn’t in view, select Show Project Library from the Window menu.

2: Process your video

For top results, convert your video using the Transcode Media tool. In the Event Library, right-click on the Event where your clips are stored and pick Transcode Media.

3: Optimized or proxy?

Optimized media is the option of choice; it changes the format into a Final Cut Pro format, ensuring the best quality and performance from your video.

4: On your marks…

Markers define the start and end of a project. Move the playhead to where you want the project to begin. Click on the Mark menu and choose Set Selection Start.

5: Choose your ending

All great stories have a beginning and an end. Move the playhead to where you want the project to finish. Click on the Mark menu and choose Set Selection End.

6: Prepare to share

YouTube is the best – and easiest – platform on which to share your projects with the online community. Just go to the Share tab and select YouTube.

7: It’s all in the detail

Add your YouTube account details to ensure a flawless sharing process. Give your film a title, a category and use the Description box to give a brief synopsis.

8: Size matters

Bigger is better in the world of film. Choose the highest numbers on offer for size; these are at the bottom of the menu. Higher numbers mean better quality.

9: Publish to the web

Hit Next and then Publish, and wait for those lucrative film offers to come flooding in. You read it here first – don’t forget to mention us in your Oscars speech!

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