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How to produce action-packed iMovie scenes

Use iMovie’s editing tools to create a slick, fast-moving action sequence to add drama to any film project

You can capture the ingredients for an exciting action movie sequence by filming a variety of subjects, from sporting events to vintage re-enactment displays. Modern viewers bombarded by content from the TV and their iPad tend to be easily distracted, so a 60-minute recording of an event won’t hold their attention. We’ll show you how to use iMovie’s non-linear editing tools to trim longer clips into short, sharp shots and create an action movie-style sequence that will grab your audience’s eye and hold it. You’ll learn how to re-time footage to focus on exciting events (like a blast of cannon fire) and bind your separate source clips into a smooth-flowing sequence using iMovie assets like transitions, captions and music. Find the clips we used for this tutorial here, so you can follow along as you read.

1: Create project

Go to File>New Project. Choose a 30fps Frame Rate with a 16:9 Aspect Ratio. Go to File>Import Movies. Add the clips from our ‘Action Sources’ folder to a new event.

2: Re-time clip

Drag Shot01 and Shot02 into the Project Window. Click on Shot02 and then go to Clip>Slow Motion>25%; this will prolong the dramatic burst of cannon fire.

3: Split clip

Choose View>Playhead Info and place the Playhead at 5:24. Ctrl/right-click and choose Split Clip. Select the first part of the split clip and hit Backspace to delete it.

4: Trim end

Shot02 now starts just before the cannon fires. Click on Shot02’s fine-tune icon and drag it slightly left to shave 30 frames off the end of the clip.

5: Add a title

Now add Shot03 to the project. Trim 30 frames from the end of that clip to keep the action flowing. Use a Horizontal Blur title to bridge shots 02 and 03.

6: Sharp shooting

Add Shot04 to the sequence and drag its fine-tune icon right to cut 30 frames, so that the soldier raises his gun sooner. Remember, we want short, sharp shots!

7: Detach audio

Add shots 05, 06 and 07 to the sequence and slow Shot07 down to 25%. Next go to Clip>Detach Audio then click on the audio bar and choose Edit>Copy.

8: Sound effects

The first cannon shot has no audio. Drag the cursor under Shot02, Ctrl/right-click and Edit>Paste. Slide the audio so the bang syncs with the video.

9: Add music

Drag in the Saber track from the Music browser’s Jingles folder. As the short track is loopable you can add it again to cover the entire sequence.

Click Image to Enlarge: