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How to print sheet music in GarageBand for Mac

Print your sheet music so it's already ready to play whether you're practicing at home or up on stage

mainThere’s no doubt that the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are incredible portable machines that enable you to take your personal and professional life with you wherever you may go. However, neither of them will fit on a music stand! It’s handy, then, that the Mac version of GarageBand enables you to print out sheet music for the songs you’ve composed inside the app.

It’s also a fairly simple process. All you need to do is record a Software Instrument track and then, after a brief tidy-up in the Score menu, print out what you’ve played in notation form. Printing music is not just something that can benefit you – it’s also a great way for non-Mac- owning friends to be able to play your compositions.headerbar

step11 Pick the key

First, create a Software Instrument track and choose your instrument. Now pick the key in which you will record the piece by clicking on the Key section of the Beats & Project view.

step22 Record and notate

Record your composition and double-click on the region your composition has created. By default it’ll take you to the Piano Roll – tap the Score tab to view the notation.

step33 Tidy up

Unless you’re a human metronome, your recording’s notation will look untidy. Select all the notes and click a suitable value on the Time Quantize menu. You can also reposition notes.

step44 Print your piece

When you’re happy with how it looks, press Cmd+P and choose your Page Setup. After clicking OK, press Print. The name you save your piece as will be the title of your sheet music.