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How to organise Sections in Pages for Mac

Pages users can now easily play around with sections to differentiate parts of their projects

MainPages is a wonderful program for creating documents with added spice, enabling you to effortlessly inject videos, music and imagery to dazzle and excite your audience. Yet as much as we love it, there are a few things we’re glad Apple has changed with its latest update (version 5.2), particularly in regards to sections.

Sections are a fantastic way of splitting your project into separate units while keeping all the pages together in one document – for example, chapters in a book or different parts of a brochure. Now with the latest and greatest version of Pages, you can re-order these sections with simple drag-and-drop functionality, and likewise duplicating a section has been simplified, as well as deleting unwanted areas of your project.


Step 1

1 Show thumbnails

Open up a template or create a new document. Next click on the View menu and select Show Page Thumbnails. This opens a panel on the left- hand side that will display your sections.

Step 2

2 Your first section

If you look in the panel on the left you will see your only section. When you click on a section here, it will present a yellow rectangle around its edge to show you which pages are included.

Step 3

3 Duplicating sections

To duplicate a section, simply click on that unit in the thumbnails panel and select Duplicate Selection from the Edit menu or use Cmd+D. The new section will appear on the left.

Step 4

4 Customise your new section

Select the page you want to work on and add images, videos or music and change font styles and colours to suit. To import an image simply click on the photo icon and retrieve from iPhoto.

Step 5

5 Re-ordering sections

Once you have several sections in place you may decide you want a reshuffle. Simply select the section you want to move, then drag and drop it where you want it to go.

Step 6

6 Deleting sections

If you decide that you’d rather discard a section, just select the offending section in the thumbnails panel and hit Backspace, then choose Delete when prompted.

Step 7

7 Add a new section

If you want to add a new section that isn’t a duplicate of another unit of pages, click where you want it to appear then head to Insert and opt for Section.

Step 8

8 Adding elements

The new section will essentially be a blank canvas rather than a repeat of your existing sections, so use the relevant tabs to add tables, charts, text, shapes or more media.

Step 9

9 Final ordering

When you’ve completed your project, glide up and down through the thumbnails to make sure you are happy with the structure. If you’re not, just drag and drop sections until you are.

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