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How to order prints of your iPhoto Events on Mac

Discover how to order prints directly from Apple without leaving the comfort of iPhoto

MainiPhoto is the best app for storing, editing and sharing your images, but whatever happened to printing out pictures? With the whole world, and even our grandparents online, it seems many of us are content in keeping our images in their digital form, simply sharing these photos on social networks for a friend or follower to quickly gloss over.

But the computer screen is no equal to the real thing and there are numerous reasons for printing your photos: as a gift for a loved one; as a permanent visual reminder of a special occasion, place or moment; or to build a tangible portfolio, perfect for presenting your skills as a budding photographer. In this tutorial we’ll show you how it’s possible to print an Event without even leaving iPhoto.


Step 1

1 Perfect those pics

You’ll want to make sure your pictures are perfect before printing, so head to the Event and open the images in the Edit suite to add effects, use quick fixes and make adjustments.

Step 2

2 The event in question

When you’re ready to print, head into the Events library and select the collection of images. With its thumbnail highlighted, travel down to Share and plump for the icon that says Order Prints.

Step 3

3 Make your choices

Each image will appear on the left-hand side of the pop-up window. Indicate how many of each photo you want by adding a quantity to the relevant box. Finish with the Buy Now button.

Step 4

4 Order summary

When you are happy with your choices you’ll be presented with an order summary that tells you how many of each size print you’ve ordered and the costs. Hit Check Out to complete the order.

Step 5

5 In-house printing

If you’d rather print an Event using your own printer, all you have to do is find Print from the File menu with the chosen Event highlighted, or use the Cmd+P shortcut.

Step 6

6 Fit or fill

With the printing pane open, select a printer, the size you want and the appropriate colour option. Use the guides on the right-hand side to pick between the fit and fill varieties of layout.

Step 7

7 Creating thumbnails

Keep a physical record of the Event as a series of small thumbnails by selecting the thumbnail option on the right-hand side and move the Margins and Columns sliders to suit.

Step 8

8 More options

As well as order prints of your Event directly from iPhoto, you can also create Cards, Calendars and Books. With the Event highlighted, head for the Share menu’s Create section.

Step 9

9 More decisions

Once you’ve chosen one of these mediums you’ll be presented with more layout and display options. Use the tabs at the top, as well as the left and right arrows, to navigate the carousel.

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