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How to master iPhoto’s printing preferences [Tutorial]

Make your printed images look truly professional with these top Print menu tips

mainDigital photos are great – you can copy them easily, save them to multiple places to ensure they don’t get lost, and thanks to increased memory sizes, cameras can now take thousands of photos rather than just 32. However, while photography has come a long way in the last 15 years, we rarely see photos printed out any more. Before, the only way to get hold of your photos was to get them developed into physical copies, but with apps like iPhoto offering storage for all your snaps there is rarely any need to print out copies, and that’s a real shame. Printing at home is much cheaper than in a shop, too – if you own a half- decent printer, all you need is a few sheets of photo paper. It’s a lot more customisable as well, with options including borders, themes and different photo sizes to try. Sound good to you? Keep on reading…headerbar

step11: Select photos

First, select the photos you want to print. Drag a box around them or hold the Cmd button as you click in individual shots to select multiple files.


2: File>Print

Open the File menu and scroll to the Print option. You also have the option to order prints from Apple in the same menu – they’ll be posted to you.


3: Presets

The Print menu offers a small number of basic presets for you to try. The small preview on the right gives an idea of what your printed shot will look like.


4: Sizes

The options at the bottom offer different sizes, both for the paper you are using to print on and the size of the prints themselves.


5: Customise…

Hit the Customise button and you can access a selection of extra options to let you personalise your prints with themes, backgrounds and borders.


6: Pages and photos

At the top you can see the pages and photos in your printing set. You can add multiple photos to a page by changing the image dimensions.


7: Edit mask

Click the image and you will see options to edit how much of the photo you print. You can drag the slider and use the hand icon to change things.


8: Backgrounds and borders

Use the controls in the bottom-right to edit the background of your page, as well as add borders to your image. The latter will cut off some of your shot.


9: One-click

When you are ready to print, you can do so with a single click on the Print button, or access more intricate settings by hitting Print Settings.

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