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How to manage your iOS iPhoto sidebar

Keep your app organised and find favourite photos easily with iPhoto’s sorting options

iPhoto for iOS is an amazing app, but it’s not without its flaws. It’s a brilliant photo editor in its own right, giving you a set of powerful and intuitive tools to improve your images, but when it comes to organisation, it doesn’t quite reach the same high standards set by its older, OS X-based brother.


Despite having Albums (custom groupings of photos), Events (automatic groupings of photos by date and time) and Projects (iCloud-based web journals and Photo Books) like iPhoto on the Mac, keeping these three organising features in check isn’t as easy. Fortunately, there are some ways to restore order to iPhoto on your iPhone or iPad. Follow the nine steps across the page to find out exactly how to keep your favourite photo-editing app organised with ease.


Step-by-step: Organise Albums, Events and Projects


1 Create custom albums

To group photos into their own custom album, select multiple images in the sidebar on the left and hit Done to confirm. They will show as thumbnails in the area on the right.


2 Add a tag

Hit the Tag icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up the Tags menu. Type a new tag name to assign to your selected photos; this will become the name of your new album.


3 Check the album

To confirm your new custom album has been created, head into the Albums view of the app and look for a new section called Tags. This will contain albums of tagged photos.


4 Rise to the top

To help distinguish your best projects, tap and hold on the project you wish to highlight and hit Favourite – this will display it at the very top of the Projects view.


5 A similar project

Creating a project that’s similar to an existing one without starting from scratch is easy – simply tap and hold on your original project and then hit Duplicate to create a copy.


6 Lose it

Ridding your app of an unwanted or unused project is a great way to keep this particular view in check. Tap and hold on the project to delete, tap the trash can and confirm.


7 A new name

Although new projects are created with a default moniker, hitting the Rename option in the tap-and-hold menu lets you give each project a new name for easy identification.


8 Renaming other albums

For certain albums, such as those under the general Albums header (which are imported from the Photos app), you’ll need to head elsewhere on your iPad to change their name.


9 Photos app albums

For albums under the Albums header in iPhoto, head into the Photos app’s Albums view, tap the Edit label, tap on the album you’d like to rename and give it a new identity.


In-depth: Automatic albums

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