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How to make your Mac more secure with Find My Mac

Use Find My Mac to keep track of your Mac just in case it is lost or stolen

MainHave you ever lost something important, like your wallet or phone? If so, you’ll know that sick feeling you get as you wonder where all your important documents and information are, and how you can get them back. Now imagine that feeling with your MacBook. It contains all kinds of information about you, from photos to documents, and even your passwords that are saved in the internet browsers you use.

Apple obviously knows this feeling too, because it offers a feature called Find My Mac. This lets you keep track of your laptop at all times, and if you ever lose it, you can immediately go online and see where it is in real-time, send a message to the machine or completely lock it down so nobody else can access your information.


Step 1

1 Log in to iCloud

First, open up System Preferences and head over to the iCloud section. If you haven’t already set up your account, you’ll need to log in to access the Find My Mac option.

Step 2

2 Switch it on

Once you’ve logged in, scroll down the list of checkboxes on the right of the window until you see Find My Mac. Check the box next to the name to activate the feature.

Step 3

3 Location confirmation

Before the system is turned on, this confirmation will appear. Click OK – it simply tells you that the system will use your Mac’s location, and that it can lock and erase your Mac.

Step 4

4 Location information

If you want to check whether the system is using your location, or see the other apps that have been, open the Security & Privacy section and click Privacy in the top bar.

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