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How to make your Facebook account more private

Not everyone should be able to see that embarrassing photo of you from a few years back…

With Facebook content – your Likes and comments – being channelled into feed apps and read by more and more people each day, getting your privacy settings right is absolutely crucial. Otherwise you might find that you are broadcasting everything you’re doing on Facebook, from videos you’ve Liked to levels you’ve completed on games that have access to your account, to not just your friends but even people who have found your page by googling you.

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The good news is that it’s really easy to sort things out so that only your friends know what you’re up to, or even to restrict things further by limiting certain parts of your Facebook content to specific circles of friends, colleagues and other people you’re connected with. You can access these same settings through Facebook on your Mac or iPad, but for now, grab your iPhone and read on through the next nine simple steps we’ve put together for you to get some peace of mind.

Step-by-step: Control your Privacy settings

1 Limit future access

Tap More and scroll to Privacy Shortcuts. Tap the first drop-down, then ‘Who can see my future posts?’ for your options. Change Public to Friends, Only Me or a particular group.

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2 Censor yourself

Tap the next option under ‘Who can see my stuff?’ for Activity Log. Here you can unlike posts, hide them from your timeline and delete comments. You can filter this view, too.

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3 Filter your messages

The next option is for filtering messages. If you don’t want to be contacted by people you’re not already friends with, tap Strict Filtering. You can also limit friend requests.

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4 Block people

If you have a specific person or two in mind when it comes to privacy, tap the next option and add email addresses to prevent people from messaging you or seeing your timeline.

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5 Access Privacy Settings

Tap More again. This time go to Settings, then Privacy. As with step one, you can select who you want to give access to by tapping the questions. Tap the second option for now.

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6 Make old posts private

If you enable this option then any posts considered to be old have their privacy settings changed to Friends, preventing people from snooping on your old activity.

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7 Go off the radar!

Scroll down the Privacy page to change your look-up details – make sure you restrict the email and phone number options. Remove yourself from search engines, if you like.

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8 Delete app data

Back on the Settings page, scroll down to Apps. Here you can see all the apps you’ve given permission to access your data. Tap apps to remove their access and all activity data.

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9 Review new posts

Tap Timeline and Tagging, below Privacy on the Settings page, to control who can put things on your timeline. Enable the second option to review things before they are added.

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