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How to make movies from your photos on iPad

Use your photos to create an amazing movie on your iPad

Every now and then, turning an app’s true use on its head and doing something a little bit different can really boost your creativity. In this case, using still photos instead of video clips that you’ve shot to create a movie on your iPad can yield some truly interesting results. Whether you took more photos than videos on your last holiday or a simple photo slideshow isn’t quite cutting it, creating a movie from still images can make for a great project.

Naturally, the most important ingredient to this project is a set of great photos and this project works best if they’re all based around the same theme, be it a wedding, birthday party, holiday or just a collection of images featuring the same people. With a theme in mind, you’ll be able to use iMovie’s own theme styles, titles and transitions to complement it, with the result being a visually striking movie.

Once you’ve created your images and got them on to your iPad (a great opportunity to make use of iCloud and Photo Stream for simple, wireless photo syncing), you’ll then need to grab iMovie from the App Store. If you’ve ever used iMovie on the Mac you’ll have no problems getting used to its equivalent iOS interface but follow our pointers across the page, and you’ll have an amazing stills-based movie in under half an hour.

1: A new project

Fire up iMovie and start a new project. Tap on the photos icon underneath the left sidebar (it’s the one in middle), scroll through your iPad’s photo albums in the sidebar and tap on the one you’d like to use.

2: Tap to add

Search through the images in your album and tap on the ones you want to add to iMovie’s timeline. Repeat this process for every photo you want to add to your still image movie.

3: All in order

As you add images to the timeline they’ll be placed one after the other. To add photos in a different order, drag the images in your timeline so that the red playhead is where you want to place a new one.

4: Choose a theme

After you’ve added your stills, tap on the cog icon
in the top-right to choose a theme from the Project Settings menu. Once you’re happy with one, tap the toggles underneath to add music and fade effects.

5: Add some captions

The basics of the video are in place, but now it’s time to add titles. Double-tap on any photo you want to add one to, then select a Title Style label from the menu to choose a caption style.

6: The title fight

In the Title Style menu, you have three styles to choose from: an Opening title sequence (for the beginning of the video), Middle (for titles during the video) and an Ending style (to finish off the video).

7: Tap it out

Once you’ve added your Title Style to your still, tap on the placeholder text that appears to add your own titles. Font styles, colours and sizes are all selected automatically by iMovie to fit your theme.

8: Check your work

When you’ve finished editing your movie, tap on the Play icon above the timeline to preview your work and see if any additional changes need to be made before you get ready to save and export.

9: Save and export

Once you’re happy with how your movie looks, head back into iMovie’s Projects menu, ensure the project you’re working on is highlighted, then tap the Sharing icon to bring up your options.

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