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How to make Deep Dream images

Learn how to use the Dreamify app to make weird and wonderful photos (and puppyslugs)

The terrifying visions of Google's Deep Dream

Deep Dream is the name for the bizarre results of Google’s Artificial Neuron Network (ANN) experiments. By showing this network millions of images, Google hopes to make the searches made via its search engine much more accurate. However, the system has thrown up a massive unforeseen curveball, seeing faces, animals and swirls where none existed before. Google made this software open source and that has led to the Dreamify app that puts your photos through the Deep Dream experience and returns you its strange results. The fact that there are apps that do all the legwork for you is great. This tutorial will show you how to submit an image to Dreamify and what to expect when it returns.

The terrifying visions of Google's Deep Dream

There are currently 12 preset options for your Dreamified images. This is where you tell the image creators what kind of alterations you would like them to make to your photo. You are only able to choose one per image, but you can submit multiple pictures.


If you want to do even more experimentation, you can play around with the sliders to change the levels of the various alterations. You can increase or decrease the saturation of the extra swirls and images to a level that suits you.


If you want your new customised Dreamify setting available to anyone else who uses the app, tap the ‘Shared in Gallery’ option and it will then be added to the list of available options. Tap it again to keep it personal to you.