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How to make a music playlist on iPhone and iPad

When it’s time to turn the speakers up and bust out some tunes, nothing beats having a well-selected series of tracks ready to go. The Music app on your iPhone enables you to create playlists that meet your specific mood or needs. So if you are having a party then it makes sense to gather all of the songs you want in one place, so that, come the big day, you won’t be messing around trying to skip through the inappropriate and embarrassing tunes.
You can have as many playlists as you want. They sit together under the Playlist tab. You can compile them, edit them, remove songs and even delete entire playlists if you are not happy, but the point is that you can categorise and organise your music to suit the vibe of your party. Here’s everything you need to know.

Step-by-step: Create great playlists

1 Start playlist

To get started, open the Music app and tap on the tab at the bottom of the screen that says Playlist. Then select the option for New Playlist, which you will see towards the top.


2 Enter a name

Give your playlist a descriptive name and then tap Save. This will show in your list of playlists so that you can easily identify it when you later come to play your songs.


3 Select songs

Now go through your song lists, choosing the tunes that you want to add to your playlist. Tap the ‘+’ icon next to each of the songs. Tap the ‘+’ again if you make a mistake.


4 Download songs

Here is our initial playlist. Next to all of our tunes is a cloud icon. This shows that the songs have been purchased and are in your iTunes account. Tap the cloud icons to download the songs.


5 Move tunes

Tap Edit and then select the three-line icon to the right of each song to move the tunes up and down the list. This lets you re-order the playing schedule of your playlist.


6 Remove tracks

Again, tapping Edit will let you remove tracks. Tap one of the series of red icons to the left of each name and the word Remove will appear. Tap this to remove a song.


7 Genius Playlist

Another great option within Music is the ability to create a Genius Playlist. Instead of hitting New Playlist when you tap on the Playlists tab, go to Genius Playlist instead.


8 Select a song

Genius asks you to select one song, which it will then use as a basis to pull together a collection of similar and complementary tunes. Simply tap the one you want to use.

9 Play it

Your Genius Playlist will be listed under the Playlists tab. Tap on it to see the songs that Music has selected for you. You can refresh the playlist or save it. Have fun.