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How to improve Safari with extensions on your Mac

Use Safari extensions on your Mac for quick access to the latest news, shortcuts to vital information, avoid ads and much more

mainEveryone uses the internet for different things, and Safari makes it really easy for you to customise your experience so that you can get to the content you want faster. Whether you like to watch a lot of videos, keep up to date with the latest news or see previews of incoming email, there’s a Safari extension that can help you. Not only that, there’s a whole load more innovative tweaks and tools in the Safari Extensions Gallery, covering everything from quickly saving items to shopping lists to seeing song lyrics when you’re watching YouTube music videos.

Read on to find out how to access the Safari Extensions Gallery and install your first extension. They’re really easy to work with, and each can be customised in the Extensions tab of Safari Preferences.


Step 1

1 Go to Safari Extensions

Choose Safari Extensions from the Safari menubar option and you’ll be taken to Apple’s extensions. The carousel shows you the featured extensions, or you can browse by category.

Step 2

2 Install an extension

Installing an extension is as simple as clicking the Install Now button that appears to the right of it, or just below those featured in the carousel. We’ve gone for New York Times Updates.

Step 3

3 Customise its settings

Extensions can be customised in Safari’s Preferences. With this one, we’ve set it to pull in tech news and changed the refresh rate. You can also switch them off and uninstall them.

Step 4

4 Enable push notifications

Some of the extensions that link with websites will prompt you to enable push notifications. Do this and you’ll be able to see alerts and banners in Notification Center.

Step 5

5 Customise them, too

If you enable push notifications, you can manage them in the Notifications panel. You’ll see the System Preferences screen, where you can make adjustments.

Step 6

6 Toggle automatic updates

Finally, if you click Updates at the bottom of the sidebar in the Extensions panel, you can disable automatic updates. If you do that, available updates will appear in the big white tab.

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