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How to import eBooks within the Kobo app

Keep your catalogue of eBooks in place with the Kobo app.

If you use your phone for reading, chances are you’ll have a number of books and publications scattered around your device. If you’re a keen hoarder of content, you might soon lose track of the titles you’ve and where they’re saved to. The Kobo app aims to help this problem, by being a simple, but effective, way to collect your various eBooks in one place.

To help make it even easier to get all your books in one place, the app uses an import feature that scans your phone for all available content, from which you can select which ones to import. For any content that the auto-import feature doesn’t pick up, you can manually select files by accessing your phone’s internal storage.

In this tutorial we’ll guide you through the basics of using the Kobo app, as well as show you how using the import feature will help keep your eBook collection in one place.

  1. Get the app

    The Kobo app is a free download from the Play Store. Once downloaded and installed open the app up. The first time you use the app, you’ll be required to create a Kobo account. After doing this, the app will automatically take you to the home screen.

  2. Select Import Content

    Your library will be empty to start with, so to start importing press on the options button on the top right of the app. From the drop-down menu that appears, select the Import Content option. Select the Start option to allow the app to scan for available content.

  3. What will you find?

    Depending on the amount of files on your device, or the size of your phone’s internal storage, the importing process can take a while to complete. If you want to abort the search you can press the Stop Search button at the bottom of the screen.

  4. View available content

    Once your phone has finished scanning, all the content the search found will appear on your screen. Although you’ve imported the content, you’ll then need to download them to the app. By pressing on a book cover the book will begin to add itself to the app.

  5. Did it import correctly?

    From time-to-time you might find that certain pages of an eBook won’t import probably, so make sure to open up every eBook after importing to make sure all the pages are okay. If there’s a problem with one of the pages restart the import process again.