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How to: hide apps and keep photos private

If your phone is stolen, your personal details don’t have to be an open book


If you lend your phone to a mate or hand it to your child to keep them quiet on a long journey, you don’t necessarily want them rummaging through your data. Simply locking apps and hiding stuff that you want to keep secret is enough to protect sensitive information from most people. Apps Lock and Gallery Hider enables you to choose what you want to lock or hide so that it’s only available to you or to someone with the correct password or pattern signature. It also offers encryption for photos and videos. Here’s how to use it.


Install Apps Lock and Gallery Hider. When it first runs, it’ll prompt you to create a lock profile. Choose a password, pattern or voice recognition, give the answer to a secret question and provide your email address for password recovery.


Although the app will work with the default options, you might want to configure it according to your preferences. Using the Lock Manager and Lock Control tabs, change any of the settings, for example, hiding your password as you enter it.


Having setup your unlocking method and options, press back to go to the main menu. There are some additional options here that you might like to investigate later, but mostly you’ll be using the Apps Lock and Gallery Hider functions.


From the menu, select Apps Lock and agree to install Mig Central Server if asked. Some apps are locked; touch the padlock icon to lock others. When you try to run a locked app, enter your password, pattern or speak to continue.


From the menu, select Gallery Hider. Click Photos or Videos; choose folders or items you want to conceal before selecting Hide. To reveal them later, select the Hidden tab, then choose what you want to uncover before selecting Unhide.