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How to get started with Tweetbot 3 for iPhone [Tutorial]

Completely redesigned from the ground up for iOS, Tweetbot wants to show why it is still the number one Twitter client for iPhone

Life today is more social than ever before; even when we’re alone all you need do is pick up your iPhone and you can engage with the entire world, as well as your circle of friends. With Facebook and Twitter integrated into iOS you can post an update, thought or photo in seconds no matter where you are. Tweetbot has made it very clear that offical apps aren’t the only options available, and the hugely popular third-party app that in many ways outshines Twitter’s own offering. Now, Tweetbot 3 has been completely refreshed for iPhone and iPod Touch to fit the clean design of iOS 7, and there is a wave of new features to make browsing your timeline and interacting with those around you smoother than ever. This tutorial will take you through those key new abilities, including the quick gestures that make reacting to tweets easier than ever, as well as tips on customising how the app looks and works best for you. The popular Mute filter has also been overhauled and powered up so you have greater control than ever over what actually appears in your timeline, and what stays out of sight. The app has undergone a freshening up; not only in terms of how it looks, but the way it works with you and your Twitter accounts, so let’s take a look at how to get the most from it.

Step-by-Step: Getting to know Tweetbot 3

Step11 Customise

Along the bottom of the new-look Timeline screen is a list of icons, and the last two on the right are customisable. Tap and hold on either and select which of the options you’d like as the shortcut.

Step22 Quick Gestures

When you’re stealing a quick glance at your timeline, you want interaction to be quick, and with the new smart gestures it can be. A short swipe to the right Favourites a tweet, while a longer gestures opens a reply.

Step33 Sync Timeline Position

Incredibly useful if you use Tweetbot across devices, sign in with iCloud or Tweetmarker and you can sync timeline position across iPhone, iPad and Mac. This also goes for read statuses on messages and mute filters.

Step44 Mute Filters

On the subject of mute, Tweetbot’s popular Mute Filters are back again, enabling you to mute not only users and hashtags, but also by keyword as well. It is also possible to mute Mentions under the Keywords section.

Step55 Lists as Timeline

If muting aspects of your timeline isn’t quite enough customisation, Tweetbot 3 gives you the power to set any of your created lists as a timeline. Tap and hold on the Timeline heading and then select your list from the drop-down menu.

Step66 Streamed Timeline

One of the most annoying aspect of any Twitter app is constantly having to refresh your timeline. Tweetbot 3 does it automatically, with a ticker icon in the top right corner to tell you how many new tweets are waiting.