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How to get started with Google Now

Make everyday life a whole lot easier by taking advantage of Google's new information-hoarding feature.

Google Now is an extremely intelligent piece of software that monitors certain details about your life, and in return provides you with information that you may be interested in through an innovative card system that shows up occasionally in your notification bar.

The more Google Now monitors your life, the more information it can provide back to you. For example, after a few days of performing your commute to work, Google Now will then begin to notify you of new ways you can reach your work, as well as give you up-to-minute information about any potential delays that you may encounter. The range of topics that Google Now covers is pretty impressive, and after a few days of having it, you’ll soon see the benefits of using it.

Any new information that Google Now wants to share with you is then displayed in the newly designed notification menu, from which you can then select to get further information. Read on as we explore some of the basic uses of Google Now, and how you can really get the best out of them.

  1. Open Google Now

    Google Now can be opened up from anywhere on your device by simply scrolling upwards from the bottom of the screen. Now is recognisable by a white Google sign. Once opened for the first time, you’ll need to through a basic tutorial showing you how to use Google Now.

  2. Check your cards

    With the tutorial complete, you can now scroll with some of the information that Google Now has collected on you, these are displayed in different cards. Depending on how long you’ve been using your device for, you’ll be able to see any number of cards already. The more you use your phone, the more cards Google Now will present to you.

  3. Get better results

    After a few days, Google Now will start to determine how you travel to and from work everyday. Once it has figured out your preferred route, a card will appear showing you the best possible way of traveling to your location, and with it you’ll be able to get better and more improved results.

  4. Find further details

    The cards act as snippets of information, and many of them can be expanded to give you further bits of important details. By pressing on one of the cards, you’ll be able to get a more detailed list of information relating to it. In some cases, you’ll find that when you press on a card, an external app will open up.

  5. Alter your cards

    If the notifications from your cards are becoming too frequent for your tastes, or you aren’t too keen on the design of some of the cards, you can access the individual settings of each card by selecting the options button on the top right of each card. You can also disable certain types of cards if you’ve no interest in them.