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How to get Facebook Home on any Android phone or tablet

The Facebook Home Android app is only available for direct download on the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and a handful of other devices. Here's how to get it on any Android device you may own.

If you’re an avid user of Facebook, and I mean avid, then chances are you’ll want to check out the new Facebook Home app. This app replaces the current launcher installed on your device and replaces it with a complete Facebook overhaul. Unfortunately, the app is only being released for a handful of devices in the first instance, so if your device is a little older than the current crop of new releases, chances are you’ll need to find an alternate way to get your hands on Facebook Home.

After much tinkering we’ve found a great way to get Facebook Home on nearly any Android phone or tablet. If you’re having any issues, please leave a comment below and we’ll try and help out!

  1. Download and install

    Uninstall the Facebook and Facebook Messenger app on your device. Then go to and download each file listed at the beginning of the thread. Install each file in the order noted at the beginning of the thread. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for all three components to finish installing on your device.

  2. Enable Home

    Once all the files have been installed, navigate to the Facebook app and find the App Settings menu. If you’ve installed correctly you should see an option to enable Facebook Home located at the bottom. If it’s listed, press on it and back out. If not, make sure you installed the files in the correct order.

  3. Start with Home

    After backing out of the Facebook app, your device will now require permission to use Home as the default launcher on your device. Once you’ve done this open up the Home app for the first time and login to your account. Depending on how many Facebook friends you’ve, the app can take a while to load in the first instance.

  4. Browse the app

    Each screen on the Facebook Home launcher shows a different post made by a friend. For the most part it’ll show you full-screen photos, but you’ll also see text based statuses too. Simply press on the post to leave a like or comment on it and swipe from the bottom of your phone to access your app drawer.

  5. Enable Chat Heads

    Chat Heads is a unique feature that enables you to message a number of people on your Facebook account with ease. It doesn’t come ready to use when you start using Home, so you’ll need to go to the settings within the settings page of the Facebook Messenger app and enable the Chat Heads feature from within.

  6. Potential problems

    This method of getting the Facebook Home app/launcher on your device is pretty pain free but with any process like this, you may face some problems. The bulk of the problems you could face concern the initial installation of the three files you need to download originally. It’s imperative they’re downloaded and installed in the correct order.