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How to get desktop quality browsing with Dolphin Browser

For people looking for a new browser for their Android device, consider Dolphin Browser HD. Follow this tutorial to learn how to get quality browsing with the Dolphin Browser.

Do you feel the that the default internet browser with your Android smartphone is lacking in features? The maybe it’s about time to consider downloading the Dolphin Browser app and using it instead. If you’re looking for the ultimate web-browsing experience, you should look no further than Dolphin Broswer HD. There are a ton of cool features to explore as we walk you through this awesome app, starting with the installation of the Dolphin Browser.

1. Download Dolphin

Firstly, you will need to download and install the Dolphin Browser HD app. So head to the Android Market. You can find the Dolphin app by searching for the top downloaded free apps, or by its name. Once you’re ready, start downloading the app to your Android device.

2. First-time access

As with most apps, you’ll have to agree to the user agreement before accessing the app for the first time. Once that is out of the way you’ll be asked about importing bookmarks into Dolphin (we recommend it) and making Dolphin your default browser (ditto).

3. Use the Dolphin Browser

Once the Dolphin Browser HD app is up and running, you can get on with the serious business of surfing the web with it. To visit a website, simply click on the address bar and type in the website address.

4. Tabbed browsing

If you’re a regular user of the Firefox browser, you’ll know exactly what tabbed browsing is. Basically, it allows you to open multiple websites in tabs to quickly switch between them. To open a new tab, simply click on the ‘+’ tab at the top of the screen.

5. Switching between tabs

Switching between your tabs is quick and easy. You can select the tab you would like to view by tapping it at the top of the Dolphin Browser. Alternatively, you can swipe the Dolphin Browser itself to the right or left with your finger to view the next tab.

6. Download add-ons

Dolphin is a cool app – not only does it act as a web browser, it also has its own set of apps that you can download, such as Password Manager Lite and Dolphin Brightness.

7. Customise the browser

Dolphin Browser allows you to download different themes to make your Dolphin Browser look unique – with a slew of themes available, there’s something out there for everyone.

8. Quick website access

You can get quick access to your favourite websites by setting them up on the speed dial screen. Bookmark the page by going to Menu>More>Add Bookmark, then tick the Speed Dial box. Now you can access it whenever you open a new tab